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  1. Cary

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    Late February 2015 I had an appointment with John and Raj of JW Property and asked them to help me find my dream property (de location) in Hua Hin. After discussing what I was actually looking for and my budget, they showed me a number of stunning properties. One of the condominium’s shown was exactly (actually even better) what I was looking for and I fell in love on the spot. John and Raj successfully represented me during the negotiations with the owner and I now have the perfect lease contract for that dream home. This agency not only gave me the best advice but also the best service I experienced in years. John and Raj, I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship over the years to come as I know that you will always do your very best to satisfy the needs of your client.

    Sincere regards and many thanks,


  2. John Walker

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    Hi Cary, it was a pleasure to meet you and help you to find a really amazing apartment… it really is for you and I know you will enjoy living at Blue Mountain very much, I found the building so cool and quiet when i stayed there a few years ago.
    Myself and Raj really appreciate your comments, all of the team at JW Property have the same goal and that is to give the best service we can to everyone we meet.
    Looking forward to seeing you in June :).
    Best regards,

    Johnny and Raj

  3. Joe Plank

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    I have Known Johnny for some years now we became friends after he helped me find my dream home. After describing what It was I was looking for he showed me exactly what I wanted. He is a true professional who listens to his clients, understands their needs and delivers the goods. He is very laid back and you never feel like he is trying to give you a hard sell. In addition he knows the area very well having spent over 14 years in Hau Hin, he has great contacts and is a font of knowledge about the area.

    I would recommend Johnny and his team at JW Property to anyone who is looking for their dream home in and around Hau Hin, Cha am, as you will see from their web site they have a great range of properties to suit all budgets.

    Thanks again Johnny for all your help and advice

  4. marylou

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    I have known Johnny for many years now having been lucky enough to use him for our first house purchase in Hua Hin, back in 2006. We subsequently sold that property and then bought another house through JW Property in January 2016. JW Property is an honest and reputable agency, which is not an easy thing to find anywhere in the world, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who asked.

  5. Johnny found us our first home in Hua Hin. We had contacted several agents from abroad, but he was the only one who really cared about finding us the right thing. He was zealous and obviously cared about us, not only a fast sale. We have been living in HH for a few years and know everybody. There is no doubt in our mind that Johnny is one of the best agents in town, caring well after the sale, and scrupulously honest. He now found for us another property we were interested in, exactly what we wanted. I can only recommend JW warmly.
    M. (Belgium)

  6. I can recommend J.W.Property for everyone who is looking for some professional and honest help if looking for somewhere in Hua Hin area to rent.
    Je les ai utilisé à deux reprises et ils sont toujours serviable et attentif à ce que vous avez besoin ou si vous voulez,,en,e Avril,,en,Je tiens à remercier le JW propriété,,en,Hua Hin pour un accueil très agréable et un grand merci à Olene pour son excellent service quand je loue une maison à Kihri Nakara mois dernier,,en,Nous sommes très heureux avec la maison et le service JW propriété livrer,,en,Je recommande vivement cette société,,en,Pour nous,,en,vous êtes numéro un,,en,J'espère vous revoir l'année prochaine,,en,Cordialement,,en,Jill,,en,e Avril,,en,John est un gars affable qui écoute très attentivement et évalue ce qui est nécessaire,,en,Il prend alors l'action applicable pour faire en sorte que toute perte de temps d'affichage des propriétés inappropriées,,en,En bref, il écoute et montre ce que vous demandez,,en.

  7. Kent

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    I want to thank the JW Property – Hua Hin for a very nice welcome and a special thanks to Olene for her great service when I rented a house in Kihri Nakara last month.
    We are very happy with the house and the service JW Property deliver.
    I can warmly recommend this company. For us, you are number one, I hope to see you again next year.
    Kent / Jill

  8. silvertiger,en

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    John is an affable guy who listens very carefully and evaluates what is required. He then takes the applicable action to ensure that no time is wasted viewing inappropriate properties.
    In short he listens and shows what you ask for.
    John a été patient avec Kay et j'assurer que nous avons été mis à jour et tenus au courant des événements autour de Hua Hin,,en,Il était toujours là pour conseiller et aider partout où il pouvait,,en,sans jamais perdre patience ou abandonner,,en,Après avoir offert un excellent service et réussi à nous aider à trouver et développer notre nouvelle maison John est allé au-delà de l'appel du devoir,,en,Il est toujours là pour aider et a joué un rôle actif pour nous aider à résoudre de nombreux problèmes qui ont surgi de temps en temps,,en,Vous êtes un vrai partenaire,,en,Un grand merci John,,en,HAUTEMENT RECOMMANDÉ,,en. He was always there to advise and assist wherever he could; never losing patience or giving up.
    Having offered a great service and been successful in helping us find and develop our new home John has gone beyond the call of duty. He is always there to assist and has been active in helping us resolve many issues which have arisen from time to time.
    You are a true partner. Many thanks John.

  9. Brenda

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    Le jour même où nous avons rencontré Johnny,,en,nous savions que nos inquiétudes de trouver notre maison de retraite à Hua Hin était terminée,,en,Nous ne pouvons pas trouver un meilleur,,en,patient,,en,et une personne très détaillée dans le secteur de l'immobilier à Hua Hin,,en,Il nous a conseillé tout ce que nous avons besoin de savoir pour trouver notre maison de retraite à Hua Hin,,en,non seulement son expertise dans l'entreprise et ses méthodes professionnelles de conduite des affaires sont à un autre niveau,,en,Comme nous vivions à des milliers de kilomètres de Hua Hin, il répondait rapidement à tous nos e-mails et allait souvent au-delà de son devoir de répondre à nos demandes.,,en,Du fond de nos cœurs "merci beaucoup Johnny de nous avoir trouvé notre belle maison à Hua Hin,,en,Tu es le meilleur,,en,Last but not least pour le plus efficace et le plus sympathique J.W,,en,Équipe de propriété et personnel,,en, we knew our worries finding our retirement home in Hua Hin was over.
    We cant find a nicer, patient, and very detailed person in the real estate business in Hua Hin.
    He advised us every thing we need to know to find our retirement home in Hua Hin, not only his expertise in the business also his professional ways of conducting business is at another level. As we lived thousand of miles away from Hua Hin he promptly answered all our e-mails and often went above and beyond his duty to fulfill our requests.
    From the bottom of our hearts “thank you so very much Johnny for finding us our beautiful home in Hua Hin, You are the best!"
    Last but not least to the most efficient and most friendly J.W. Property Team and Staffs, un grand merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous,,en,Un merci spécial à Nice,,en,vous êtes une perle rare,,en,Continue ton bon travail,,en,Surtout merci à tous pour votre amitié,,en,Brenda et Gianfranco,,en. A special thanks to Nice, you are a rare gem! Keep up your good work.
    Most of all thank you all for your friendship!
    Brenda and Gianfranco

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