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Buy a well priced land plot and build a house with professional construction team in Hua Hin

Look at the pro’s & con’s of buying a land plot and building a house with a private contractor VS buying on a gated community/development/project in Hua Hin

What are the benefits of buying a land plot and building a house with a private contractor?

*More likely to be full chanote title deed – this is the top level of title deed available in Thailand and recommended, many buyers insist on this.
Tip = always do due diligence when buying a property in Thailand, we can arrange this for you.

*You can have a much larger land plot than on a development, for less money.

*No common fee/maintenance fee/association fee/mandatory maintenance contract with fees that may be subject to rise.
Note = if you buy a lot on a small community with no ‘central developer’, you may opt to add services and share the costs between residents.

*You will pay government rate for utilities – electricity and water.

*Government services such as mail delivery and refuse collection can access your property.
Tip = when looking at developments, ask if they have given their internal roads over to the government or not. If not, ask how refuse is collected and mail is delivered.

*You have complete control over who builds your house, the layout, style and specification. Building specifications vary hugely in Hua Hin, the most important element of the structure are the foundations and groundworks, they give you the backbone to the building. A strong well engineered structure will give you less snagging problems, a longer and happier life in your house.
Note = we have several construction companies we can arrange a consultation and quote with.

*You will end up with a unique property rather than a ‘cookie cutter’ home, and this may make it easier to resell in the future should you wish.
Tip = Build to your own requirements, but never build a house you can’t sell!

*You will have constant direct contact with the builder/team, rather than going through 1 or even 2 other parties to get messages and information across. We are always on hand for any visits to the project to give any help or assistance required.

*Everything will be cheaper – we estimate buying land and building will save you 20-30% for a comparable sized property on a project.


What are the down sides?

*Depending on the plot and size, you may never know who or what may become your neighbour in the future.
Tip= buy a big enough land parcel that you can control this, or buy a plot in a residential only area (such as the plots mentioned further below).

*No security or services (pool/garden maintenance) unless you bring in your own or arrange with neighbours to share services and costs.
Tip = there are great home security solutions available these days and maintenance teams that can manage your property, we can assist in recommendations.

*No infrastructure?
Tip = buy a plot that already has water, electricity, good road access. The plots mentioned below sold by us are already fully infrastructured with concrete road access.

What are the benefits of buying a villa from a developer within a gated community?

*Tend to offer full security and maintenance (pool/garden) services.

*Have tried and tested villa layout options which are functional and attractive.

*May offer a community atmosphere and social common areas.

*Development villas are popular in Hua Hin and therefore may be easier to sell on in the future than a stand-alone house.
Note – as nearly all developers continue to build further projects, your villa will likely be superseded with a higher-spec villa from the same developer at a similar price.

*Tend to have a neat, uniform appearance with a good level of maintenance.

*Commonly have on-site management that can come and inspect and rectify any issues you have.

*Can be see as a ‘one stop shop’ option with connections to furniture suppliers, lawyers, service suppliers, etc.

What are the down sides?

*The maintenance contracts can be restrictive and subject to price increases.
Tip = check there is a clause stating that the costs cannot increase more than the rate of inflation. Also some developments offer a contract with optional pool & garden services.

*Unless you get a great early-bird deal, likely to depreciate in potential resale value or at least not be easy to sell with any profit.
Note = this is from observations on the Hua Hin housing market over the last decade and related to things mentioned above.

*Worst case scenario – developer goes bankrupt half way through construction, things then get difficult and messy.
Note = a very uncommon situation in recent years, but not entirely unheard of.
Tip = only deal with very reputable developers, we are happy to offer advice on this.

*Smaller land plots.
Note = Hua Hin developments are typically ranging around 350-580 sqm as a standard plot size.

*More expensive per sqm build costs.

*More likely on Nor Sor Sam Kor title deed (not full chanote) as this land is cheaper to buy and develop.
Tip = this land title deed is fine for building on, selling, leasing, etc. But we do not advise any lesser title than this.


At the end of the day, it’s about what works best for you, we are not all the same and there is most probably something out there for everyone. It’s our goal to find you the options that suit you best.
Please feel free to send comments or additions to info@jwproperty.com so we can include your own ideas too.

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