2019 update for buying property in Hua Hin, tips, advice, locations & more

2019 update for buying property in Hua Hin, tips, advice, locations & more

If you are looking for the best place to live in Thailand, you have probably heard of Hua Hin. What properties are on offer here, how do you find them, how do you know who to trust when buying a property in Hua Hin? Read on…


As we move into 2019, let’s look at why Hua Hin remains a popular holiday, retirement and property investment destination:

Why Hua Hin?

Transport: Easy access to Bangkok (taxi 1800 Baht 3 hours, bus 200 Baht 4 hours, train 300 Baht 4-5 hours), easy access to other interesting areas: Kanchanaburi, Prachuap Kiri Khan, Chumphon, Surat Thani, the islands etc, many local transport options to get around (taxi, GRAB, motorbike taxi, tuk-tuk, local bus, etc). Ferry to Pattaya is daily and there is a high-speed rail link project to Bangkok (60-80 minute journey) underway. Also, a 3 BILLION Baht investment has been approved to expand Hua Hin airport.

Schools & Education: Well reputed international schools, bilingual schools, English program schools such as: Hua Hin International School, B.E.C.C., Beaconhouse Yamsaard School, Somtawin School. Several Thai language schools if you wish to study Thai language on an education visa (Insight English, Sirada Language School)

Hospitals & Healthcare: Bangkok International Hospital, San Paulo International Hospital, Hua Hin Government Hospital, numerous good dentists, clinics, etc

Restaurants & Dining: A huge array of local and international cuisine offerings to suit every budget, taste and style. High-end hotel restaurants neighbour 50 Baht noodle shops scattered around restaurants serving authentic Italian, Japanese, German, British, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, American, Scandinavian, Mexican, vegan, vegetarian and much more. Truly spoiled for choice!

Shopping: High end centers such as Blu-Port mall, fun markets such as Cicada market and Grand night market and everything in between!

Beaches, Activities & Attractions: Hua Hin boasts a long coast line with enjoyable beaches from north of Cha Am, through Hua Hin, Khao Takiab, Khao Tao, Paknampran, Khao Kalok, Samroiyot, Dophin Bay, Kuiburi and beyond. Numerous tourist attractions to enjoy with family and guests include Vana Nava water park, beautiful temples, boat trips and sightseeing tours, kite surfing, Muay Thai & MMA camps, view points, ATV tours, yoga studios, community activities such as beach clean ups, food tours and so on.

Golf: World class golf courses which include the award wining Banyan and Black Mountain courses, as well as Springfield, Majestic, Palm Hills, Lake View, Sea Pines and many more.

Lifestyle: Hua Hin is considered to be very safe, balanced (domestic tourism balances out the international tourism here nicely), clean, well infrastructured (constant improvements here), and a calm and peaceful area of Thailand, admired by the Thai population on account of it’s connection to the revered royal family.

Property Options & Affordability: There is a huge array of property for sale and rent in Hua Hin and surrounding areas, and it’s a buyers market! The area remains a lot more affordable than comparable locations popular with ex-pats and tourists such as Phuket and Koh Samui, where you might find similar properties for sale at +50% of the price of Hua Hin and with a much higher cost of living.

Buy or rent a property in Hua Hin?
If you are new to the area, our suggestion would be to rent for a while and see what works for you. We have hundreds of rental properties available, both villas and condominiums and can arrange a free, no obligation tour of these while offering advice on what the different areas of Hua Hin have to offer. We can arrange rental property from 1 month to 1 year (+).

For those familiar with the area and looking to purchase a property, we are here to guide you on making smart choices, and provide you with free, no obligation property tours and legal consultation.

What part of Hua Hin is best? Which area is considered the best location?
Of course this comes down to personal taste. Here is some general information:

North: The area of north Hua Hin (Sammor Phrong, Bofai, etc) tends to be home to the more established developments. In some cases these more mature homes offer larger land plots and often spacious 2 storey homes, though are generally less modern. This can be considered an area to find a bargain!

West: The west (soi 88, Thab Tai, Hin Lek Fai, etc) has been a booming area for property developments over the last 10 years or so and offers a plethora of residential developments and many resale options. A new road connecting the south (soi 112) and west (soi 88) and the new royal park (with running track etc) has really benefited the area, as has a resurfaced road connecting soi 88 and soi 70 (Pala U road). We have many homes for sale and rent in this area, please drop us a line if you would like a list.

South: We feel the southern area (approx. soi 112 then south towards Khao Tao and Pranburi) is the most interesting and up and coming area at present. From here you have easy access to the part of the main road that is home to the best shopping and healthcare centres and easy access to good beaches such as Khao Takiab, Suan Son, Paknampran, etc. There is also easy access to the great dining options on soi 102, soi 94 and soi 88 from here. We have a large inventory in this area, please contact us for options.

Central: There are relatively few options in the centre which may be considered the lower quadrants of soi 102, 94, 88, and the area around Naebkehardt Road. These tend to be home to the older homes (10 years+), but if you can get a bargain in one of these areas, it would be a great investment for rentals. Of course we can help with this; we have townhouses, villas and apartments available in the central area.

Beach front: The central Hua Hin beach area is home to the older condominium complexes – it’s tough to get your hands on even an older and in need of renovation beach front condo at a reasonable price. These are mainly owned by Bangkokians who neither use nor rent them out. We do occasionally get offers here and have reasonable beach front properties in the areas further south such as Pranburi, Samroiyot and Kuiburi.

Golf course property: Prestigious and usually with a matching price tag, some of the most impressive homes in Hua Hin can be found on the golf courses here. We have numerous properties for sale on Palm Hills, Black Mountain, Springfield and close to Banyan golf course.

How to find real estate for sale or rent in and around Hua Hin?
Here are the options:
Drive around looking for signs – this may be a good choice if searching for low cost rental houses, but not for high-end rental properties or houses for sale. We have found that not many owners of these properties want signs up on their properties for one reason or another. Most quality developments will be secured and not allow access inside anyway.

Word of mouth – If you have friends or contacts who live in Hua Hin, why not talk to them and see what they recommend, most likely they know of a few properties for sale and for sure they will know which real estate agents are worth speaking to.

Facebook – This has become a platform for anyone and everyone to become a Hua Hin property agent. Remember that many who advertise real estate for sale or rent on there do not have offices, do not have experience, do not have accountability and are just looking to make a fast buck with no concern over the end result other than lining their pockets. That is not to say genuine agents do not use Facebook, just be sure to check who you are dealing with.

Real estate agents & their websites – You won’t be surprised to read that this is our recommended course of action! Why? Because in our case we do it all day everyday, and have been doing so for well over a decade. We have helped a great many people in many ways but unfortunately also seen a few mistakes made which could have been prevented had proper advice been followed. At JW Property, We have a well staffed high street office with professionals waiting to meet you and discuss your requirements and how we can be of service to you. Please feel free to contact us on the inquiry form below.

Who should I trust in terms of all the real estate agents, developers, sellers?
As mentioned above, you should protect yourself by using an established, experienced property agent with an office and accountability. They can take you to the top developments with a strong track record and vendors of quality properties. Be wary if you feel anyone is pushing only 1 or 2 developments on you, as they are likely being offered an incentive to reach certain sales targets in particular projects. Be conscious of this, it is more common that you might expect. Also check whether any particular agency is connected to or invested in any specific development, as this will obviously mean they have a strong bias and may not show you (or may not be able to show you) the full range of suitable options.
Also be aware that some agents may run numerous websites with different names and designs, and not make it transparent that they are all in fact 1 person/team. We only operate: www.jwproperty.com & www.pranburi-property.com and advertise select properties on Rightmove with whom we have enjoyed a long relationship.
We believe we have an excellent track record of honesty and working ethically and offer you to ask anyone around (lawyers, developers, our clients, gentleman at the bar, etc) if they would agree.

Top things to remember:
Non-Thai’s cannot own land though can own the house that occupies the land. The land plot works on a leasehold system, ask for details.
Non-Thai’s can own condominiums freehold, but do check that the condo you are looking at is in the foreign quota, otherwise, you will not get freehold ownership.
Always use a lawyer with any property purchase, we will arrange a free consultation for you.
Keep in mind the potential for future resale potential.
Mortgages are generally not available to foreigners or Thai’s who do not live or work in Thailand, we can help with finance in some cases, please ask for details.
Expect a minimum of 30 days for completion in most cases.
Reservation deposits are the norm here before contract signing and may range from 100,000 Baht to 10% of the sales price depending on what deal is agreed.
Depending on your needs, buying a secure, infrastructured land plot and having a custom home built may be preferable and cheaper than buying within a gated community, CLICK HERE FOR INFO.
Sales commission is paid by the seller/developer, never the buyer.
Transfer costs are generally split 50/50 between buyer and seller/developer.
If something sounds too good to be true, check, check and check again! Due diligence will be part of the pre-purchase check that we will arrange for you.

We hope this has been an interesting read and we look forward to hearing from you!

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